COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

UFCW Local 7 – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding
COVID-19 and Healthcare Information 03162020

Where to get your Healthcare Needs Met. UFCW Local 7 has bargained industry-leading benefits for our members, and we know that many of you will have questions and concerns about your health as well as that of your family. We encourage you to turn to your health insurer/provider for the most up-to-date information.

  • For Kaiser Permanente participants, please visit KP.org: https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/
  • Or call the advice number 303-338-4545 to speak with a licensed care provider or to schedule a telephone or video appointment.
    Or visit kp.org/getcare and click on “24/7 advice”.

For United Healthcare (UMR) participants. First: consult the insurer’s website and/or the phone app. https://connect.werally.com/medicalProvider/root

  • Or call united Healthcare/UMR at 1-800-826-9781 for member services.
  • Or call Teledoc at 1-800-835-2362 to speak with a doctor or www.teledoc.com.

COVID-19 Testing. In order to be tested for COVID-19 you will need a referral from your provider.

  • For United Healthcare (UMR) participants co-pays for testing have been waived.

How to Get Paid if you Become Sick. Local 7 has negotiated strong sick leave benefits for our members. In addition, we have engaged with the Company to secure enhanced benefits for this critical situation.

Contractual sick benefits can be found here:
Kings Meat: http://ufcw7.org/files/2020/03/King-Soopers-Meat-Sick-Article.pdf
Kings Retail: http://ufcw7.org/files/2020/03/King-Soopers-Retail-Sick-Article.pdf
Safeway Retail: http://ufcw7.org/files/2020/03/Safeway-Retail-Contract-Sick-Article.docx
Safeway Meat: http://ufcw7.org/files/2020/03/Safeway-Meat-Contract-Sick-Article.pdf

Enhanced COVID-19 Sick Leave Benefits. Once we have updated information about this we will post it on this site: http://ufcw7.org/resources/

Disability Benefits. Please find more information about disability benefits here: http://ufcw7.org/files/2020/03/Disability-Info-from-Plan.jpg or call Zenith American Solutions at 303-430-9334 or 1-800-527-1647.

Thank you for all you do!

King Soopers / City Market CBAs 2019.2022


KS 86 Clerks & Deli 2019.2022

KS Denver Clerks 2019.2022

KS Denver Meat 2019.2022

KS Boulder Meat 2019.2022

KS Broomfield Meat 2019.2022

KS Colorado Springs Clerks 2019.2022

KS Colorado Springs Meat 2019.2022

KS Ft Collins Meat 2019.2022

KS Greeley Meat 2019.2022

KS Longmont Meat 2019.2022

KS Loveland Meat 2019.2022

KS Parker Meat 2019.2022

KS Pueblo Clerks 2019.2022

KS Pueblo Meat 2019.2022


CM Grand Junction & Clifton Clerks 2019.2022

CM Grand Junction & Fruita Meat, Clifton Deli 2019.2022

As the contracts are signed, we will continue to upload the collective bargaining agreements.