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Updated 1/21/2022

NBC News: Kroger workers’ strike in Colorado ends after 10 days, tentative deal reached
9 News: Strike ends: King Soopers, UFCW Local 7 reach tentative agreement
Colorado Sun: King Soopers strike ends after union reaches tentative deal with grocer
Greeley Tribune: King Soopers strike: Union, grocery chain reach tentative agreement
Denver Gazette: Kings Soopers strike ends with tentative deal
Reuters: Strike at Kroger’s King Soopers ends after deal with union
Denver 7: UFCW Local 7, King Soopers announce tentative agreement, ending 10-day strike
Denver Post: King Soopers strike: Union, grocery chain reach tentative agreement
Reuters: Strike at Kroger’s King Soopers ends after deal with union
KDVR: King Soopers, UFCW Local 7 reach tentative agreement; strike ends immediately
CPR News: King Soopers reaches tentative deal with union to end strike
KKTV: King Soopers and UFCW Local 7 reaches tentative agreement Friday
Patch: Pickets Coming Down As Union, King Soopers Reach Tentative Deal
CNN: Strike ends at 78 Kroger-owned grocery stores in Denver
Supermarket News: King Soopers, UFCW Local 7 reach tentative strike settlement
Greeley Tribune: King Soopers strike: Union, grocery chain reach tentative agreement
Epoch Times: Strike Ends at King Soopers in Denver After Union Reps and Management Make Deal

Updated 1/20/2022

Denver Post: King Soopers Strike: Former presidential candidate weighs in
Colorado Politics: SLOAN | Why strike?
Jacobin: More Than 8,000 King Soopers Workers Are on Week Two of Their Strike
Mashed: The real reason you should expect grocery shortages in 2022
Boulder Weekly: Why the King Soopers strike matters
Denver 7: Support among shoppers still strong for King Soopers strike, despite empty shelves at other chains
Westword: What King Soopers Strikers Can and Can’t Do After Judge’s Order
CBS 4: King Soopers Strike: Restraining Order Leads To Significantly Quieter Storefronts
CBS 4: King Soopers Strike: Restraining Order Leads To Significantly Quieter Storefronts

Updated 1/19/2022

Westword: Inside King Soopers Restraining Order Filing Against Striking Workers
Colorado Public Radio: King Soopers files restraining order against workers’ union and picketers as strike enters week two
CBS 4: ‘Allegations Are Unfounded’: Union Leaders Say They Plan To Appeal Judge’s Temporary Restraining Order Against King Soopers Strikers
KKTV: King Soopers temporary restraining order against union partially granted as strike continues
FOX 31: Judge limits number of picketers at King Soopers stores
The Colorado Sun: King Soopers strike grows more heated as judge issues restraining order and picket heads into second week
World Socialist Web Services: King Soopers strike enters second week as company seeks restraining order against strikers
Patch: Court partially grants King Soopers temporary restraining order
Denver VOICE: King Soopers workers enter second week of strike
KDVR: Union releases guidelines for picketers after judge grants partial temporary restraining order
Axios Denver: King Soopers strike negotiations deteriorate
Western Slope News:King Soopers ‘sets the record straight’ with ‘last, best and final offer’ by sharing data
CBS 4: Paid To Picket: King Soopers Employees Share Reason For Getting Paid To Strike
Fox 31: King Soopers ‘sets the record straight’ with ‘last, best, and final offer’ by sharing data
Denver Voice: King Soopers workers enter second week of strike
Forbes: Why is food insecurity so widespread in the grocery industry?

Updated 1/18/2022

NBC News 5 KOAA: UFCW 7 accuses King Soopers of filing a restraining order as strike hits day 7
Fox 31: Union says King Soopers filed temporary restraining order against members
Fox 31:‘We’re deeply disappointed by this deterioration’: Union says no progress made with King Soopers
CBS 4:Denver Mayor Calls On Community To Support King Soopers Employees
Westword: King Soopers Strike Talks Update: Mixed Signals
9News: King Soopers requests temporary restraining order on striking employees
CBS 4: King Soopers, Union Representing Striking Workers Return To Bargaining Table As Strike Nears 1 Week
Westword: King Soopers Strike, Day Seven: Battle for Hearts and Minds
Denverite: Safeway and other grocers see bare shelves as King Soopers strike pushes shoppers elsewhere

Updated 1/14/2022

Fox 31: Negotiations expected to resume Friday between union and King Soopers
King Soopers strikers, supporters, hold Glendale rally
Denver Post:  King Soopers, union appear headed back to bargaining table after second day of strike
9 News: Union, King Soopers agree to resume negotiations
World Socialist Web Site: Denver area King Soopers strike part of growing wave of opposition in the working class
Greeley Tribune: King Soopers union rallies, calls management back to negotiating table
KOAA: UFCW Local President says union ready to bargain again with King Soopers amid strike
Denverite: Did you get a King Soopers pharmacy text about limited hours? Here’s what we know.
CPR: King Soopers, union plan to resume bargaining Friday as strike reaches day 3
CBS: Striking King Soopers workers demand higher pay, citing COVID-19 risks
Denver Gazette: CU economics professor on King Soopers strike: Don’t believe everything you hear
Nation of Change: More than 8,000 Kroger grocery store workers strike in Colorado
Westword: Positive Signs in King Soopers Strike
Colorado Sun: PHOTOS: King Soopers workers strike for higher wages
Fox 31: Q&A with Gov. Polis: King Soopers strike, fee increases, state of the pandemic

Updated 1/13/2022

CNN: More than 8,000 workers are on strike at 77 Denver area grocery stores
Mashed: Why Workers at this Kroger-Owned Supermarket Chain Went on Strike
Guardian: ‘We have people living out of their cars’: 8,000 Kroger workers strike over wages
Axios: Kroger’s King Soopers strike could continue for weeks
Westword: King Soopers Workers Will Strike Tragic Boulder Store When Reopened
Denver Channel: UFCW Local 7 president says union ready to bargain again with King Soopers amid strike
Denver Gazette: King Soopers union offers to reopen negotiations; holds rally in Glendale
The Denver Gazette: Denver King Soopers/City Market workers go on strike
Business Insider: Meet a Kroger’s King Soopers worker who’s striking for the first time: ‘I think people are realizing they’re worth more’
Popular Information: Hero Strike
Supermarket News: Thousands of King Soopers workers go on strike
Global Circulate: Kroger Faces Strike Threat from Thousands of Colorado Grocery Workers
5280: Thousands of King Soopers Employees Go on Strike Across the Front Range
NY Post: 8,400 Kroger workers strike as employees reportedly can’t afford groceries
Insider: More than 8,000 Kroger workers in Denver have gone on strike demanding better pay, benefits, and working conditions
LA Progressive: Kroger Workers Want to Eat, Too
Denver CBS4: Many Denver-Area King Soopers Shoppers Choose to go Elsewhere During Strike
Western Slope: GJ could be impacted by grocery workers that are now on strike
Liberation News: From the picket line: Denver grocery store workers demand better pay, conditions
More Perfect Union: Exclusive: Leaked Memo Reveals Kroger Executives Knew For Years That Most Workers Live In Poverty

Updated 1/12/2022

Washington Post: Thousands of grocery workers on strike in Colorado
The Hill: Kroger employees go on Strike for Better Pay in Denver
Huffington Post: King Soopers Grocery Workers Go On Strike In Colorado
Wall Street Journal: Kroger Supermarket Workers Go on Strike in Denver
Rocky Mountain PBS: Workers at 77 Colorado King Soopers stores walk out for 3-week strike
Reuters: Workers at nearly 80 Kroger’s King Soopers go on strike as talks stall
AP: Denver area grocery store workers go on strike
Gazette: Local 7 Preparing to expand strike to Colorado Springs King Soopers stores
Westword: King Soopers Striker on the Picket Line: “It’s Been Sheer Hell”
Denver Post: Here’s what you need to know about the King Soopers strike
Colorado Sun: As strikes begin, it’s King Soopers vs. the union vs. … the workers?
Denver Business Journal: Denver-area King Soopers grocery workers strike
The Denver Channel: Unionized King Soopers workers prepared to strike Wednesday; shoppers stock up beforehand
Denver Channel: Are King Soopers shoppers staying away amid strike? Empty lots, stores seems to show support strong
Retail Brew: Thousands of unionized workers at Kroger subsidiaries in Colorado just went on strike
KOAA: King Soopers alleges UFCW Local 7 negotiated in bad faith
Progressive Grocer: King Soopers Workers in Colorado Strike, Union Rejects Sweetened Offer
303Magazine: Adrenaline and hope running high: 8,000 King Soopers Workers strike in Denver metro
Common Dream: More than 8,000 Kroger Grocery workers strike in Colorado
Axios Denver: Denver AM Roundup
KOAA Survey: If a strike happens at King Soopers locally, where will you shop for groceries?
Denver Gazette: Q&A: King Soopers strike
CBS 4 Denver: King Soopers President: ‘We Still Have People At The Table Waiting To Negotiate In Good Faith’
CBS 4 Denver: King Soopers Strike Begins, Union Says Grocery Store Has ‘Unfair Labor Practices’

Updated 1/11/2022

HuffPost: Kroger Faces Strike Threat From Thousands Of Colorado Grocery Workers
Westword: As Strike Looms, Union Portrays Working at King Soopers as a COVID-Era Nightmare
Reuters: Strike at Kroger’s King Soopers stores imminent as union talks fail
The Colorado Sun: King Soopers union rejects request for mediator, will strike in Denver starting Wednesday
Colorado Politics: Union puts self interests over working-class members
Fox 31 KDVR: King Soopers strike looms as company makes ‘final offer’ to union
CBS 4 Denver:  Clock Ticks As King Soopers & Union Stall At Bargaining Table
The Denver Channel: Union details upcoming strike for thousands of King Sooper employees
KFQX: Employees at 88 King Soopers location’s are set to strike
9 News: Before strike, King Soopers and union fight in court of public opinion
Colorado’s Morning News: King Soopers and the Labor Unions
Reuters: Kroger’s King Soopers sweetens wage offer ahead of union strike
Fox31 KDVR: King Soopers cashiers would earn more than social workers under new pay offer
BuzzFeed News: Many Grocery Workers Can’t Make Ends Meet Two Years Into the Pandemic
LA Times: 2 out of 3 Kroger workers struggle to afford food and housing, survey finds
UPI: Kroger workers survey reveals economic hardship, food insecurity

Updated 1/10/2022

Progressive Grocer: Union Members at King Soopers Stores Plan Jan. 12 Strike
NBC News 9: King Soopers labor union to hold news conference on planned strike
Westword: King Soopers Rips Union Over Impending Strike
NoticiasYa: Trabajadores de King Soopers iniciará una huelga en tiendas de Colorado
KKTV News: Union to provide update on planned strike for King Soopers employees in Colorado
KKTV News: King Soopers responds to labor union after planned strike
CBS 4: Tensions Rise As King Soopers Employees Prepare To Strike
Colorado Springs Gazette: King Soopers requests UFCW Local 7 use a federal mediator to ward off strike
City Cast Denver: Why Are King Soopers Workers Going On Strike?
NBC 5 KOAA: National Labor Relations Board is investigating several labor complaints against King Soopers
CBS 4: Union For King Soopers And City Market Workers Says They Will Go On Strike Next Week
Colorado Sun: What’s Working: Who quit their job last year in Colorado
Reuters: U.S. meat production slows as Omicron hits staff, inspectors

Updated 1/7/2022

Colorado Public Radio: King Soopers workers in Denver, Colorado Springs to strike Wednesday, union says
Colorado Sun: King Soopers union workers plan 3-week strike starting Wednesday at 87 Colorado grocery stores
Colorado Newsline: Colorado King Soopers workers formally announce intent to strike
Greeley Tribune: Union calls for a strike against King Soopers stores in Colorado
Denver Post: King Soopers union members to go on strike starting Wednesday in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs
​​Denver Channel: After months of talk with King Soopers reps, UFCW Local 7 announces start of official strike
Denver Patch: Union Representing 1000s Of CO Grocery Store Workers To Strike
PBS Rocky Mountain: Workers at nearly 90 Colorado King Soopers stores plan for 3-week strike
KKTV ABC 11: UFCW local 7 King Soopers employees expected to strike January 12
Westword: King Soopers Rips Union Over Impending Strike
Winssight Grocery Business: ​​Thousands of Kroger Workers to Strike Jan. 12 in Colorado
KRDO: King Soopers employees in Colorado Springs will begin strike on Jan. 12

Updated 1/6/2022

The Denver Post: Union calls for a strike against King Soopers stores in Colorado
The Denver Channel: UFCW Local 7 says it intends to strike, King Soopers says unfair labor practices claims are unfounded
NBC 5 KOAA: King Soopers employees announce they will strike
​​NBC News 9: King Soopers employees called to strike in Colorado by union
World Socialist Website: Colorado King Soopers grocery workers authorize strike in nearly unaminous vote
Fox 31 KDVR: Local union plans strike after latest King Soopers proposal
CBS 4 Denver: New Offer On The Table To Avoid A Strike By King Soopers And City Market Workers
KRDO: Colorado King Soopers workers set to strike
KRDO: Colorado King Soopers workers set to strike

Updated 1/5/2022

Winsight Grocery Bussiness: ​​Thousands of Kroger Workers Poised to Strike in Colorado
The Denver Channel: King Soopers and union employees continue negotiations as strike looms
The Hill: Biden meatpacking reforms lack punch, say critics
Saftey + Health: USDA trial to allow faster line speeds at some pork-processing facilities

Updated 1/3/2022

Denver Gazette: Nearly 100% of King Soopers union employees vote to strike in Denver metro
Denver Post: Denver-area King Soopers union members vote to authorize strike
CPR: King Soopers, City Market Colorado workers threaten to strike as contract deadline approaches
Denver Post: Grocery workers plan vote on whether to strike against King Soopers
New York Times: On the Slaughterhouse Floor, Fear and Anger Remain
Fox 31 KDVR: King Soopers workers union to vote on strike in Denver, Colorado Springs
KOAA: King Soopers workers to vote on potential strike

Updated 12/21/2021

Reuters: U.S. meat plants relaxed some COVID-19 safety protocols after outbreaks – unions
Meat & Poultry: Year in Review: Working it out
Truthout: Warren Slams Grocers for Raising Prices While Raking In Profits

Updated 12/20/2021

CBS4 Denver: Kroger Takes Carrot-And-Stick Approach To Get King Soopers/City Market Grocery Workers Vaccinated
LaborNotes: Who Might Strike in 2022? Hundreds of Big Contracts Will Be Up

Updated 12/20/2021

OPB: Thousands of Fred Meyer, QFC employees in Oregon go on strike
World Socialist Web Site: Fred Meyer and QFC grocery workers in Portland set to strike Friday
Modern Famer: Facing Labor Shortage, Tyson to Ramp Up Automation in Processing Plants

Updated 12/16/2021

NW Labor Press: Kaiser Permanente unions ratify new contract
Beckers Hospital Review: Washington healthcare workers plead with state lawmakers for staffing help

Updated 10/26/2021

The Progressive Magazine: A National Surge of Organizing Shows the Power of Unionizing
Progressive Grocer: Foot Traffic Up at Grocery Stores and Superstores This Summer

Updated 10/25/2021

The Guardian: ‘Striketober’ is showing workers’ rising power – but will it lead to lasting change?
The Nation: I Spent a Pandemic Behind a Grocery Store Cash Register
Produce Blue Book: Kroger’s Home Chef meal kits, meal solutions surpass $1 billion in annual sales – Produce Blue Book
CBS 58: Biden administration boosting at-home Covid testing efforts
The Denver Gazette: Court appoints agreed-on expert for alleged Boulder shooter’s second competence evaluation
The NY Post: Retailers turn to bizarre tactics to cover up empty shelves as supply chain crisis worsens
Fox 31: COVID booster shots: What to do with conflicting information
New University: 21,000 Kaiser Workers to Strike in Light of Wage Disputes
Bloomberg: Worker Strikes 2021: Employees Increase Work Stoppages During Striketober

Updated 10/22/2021

Times of San Diego: Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy and Lab Workers Authorize Strike in Southern California
Mission Local: Mental health care wait times at Kaiser are unacceptably long, say patients, clinicians
World Socialist Web Site: Kaiser workers left in dark after overwhelming strike vote at largest US “non-profit” health care provider

Updated 10/21/2021

Random Lengths: With fall comes a season of strikes
Business Insider: Rude shoppers are fueling America’s crippling labor shortage
Open PR: E-Grocery Market Is Booming Worldwide | Kroger, Safeway,

Updated 10/20/2021

Food Institute: Why Worker Strikes are Running Rampant Throughout America 
Winsight Grocery Business: Kroger Launches Private Marketplace to Connect Brands With Consumers
The Spoon: Instacart Acquires Smart Cart and Grocery Checkout Technology Startup Caper AI
Chain Store Age: Ocado says robotic picking system will soon work in ‘very small warehouses’

Updated 10/19/2021

CPR: Colorado’s College Campuses Have Become COVID Vaccine Islands, With Lower Case Rates Than The Surrounding Areas
In These Times: How Workers at Beverage Giant Refresco Defeated a “Notorious” Union Buster
Daily Camera: King Soopers, Boulder County officials confirm COVID-19 outbreak at Louisville store
Forbes: Ransomware May Be Bigger Problem Than Suspected According To New Report
Labor Notes: Kaiser’s Outrageous Two-Tier Wage Proposal May Provoke a Massive Strike

Updated 10/18/2021

Washington Post: Strikes are sweeping the labor market as workers wield new leverage
Arkansas Online: New hires scarce, so strikers in US seize day
Denver Post: Kaiser Permanente Colorado nurse union suit alleges understaffing
Colorado Sun: What’s Working: People are quitting their jobs in record numbers. Here’s what happened in Colorado.
FingerLakes: Fourth stimulus check coming soon? $1,400 for seniors and $600 for grocery store workers
Raw Story: John Deere tried replacing union workers with scabs — and immediately had tractor crash in their plant: report
Greeley Tribune: Other Voices: A finely tuned global supply chain is missing a crucial gear
CBS Denver: Broncos Honor Sacrifice Of Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley
NPR: Union workers strike and threaten to strike to oppose two-tier wages
The Washington Post: Vaccine mandates stoked fears of labor shortages. But hospitals say they’re working.

Updated 10/15/2021

Denver Gazette: Colorado health care worker union sues Kaiser Permanente, alleging company ignored chronic understaffing
KDVR-DEN: Fox 31 Morning News at 6:00am
Colorado Sun: Colorado postponing decision on changes to hospital vaccine mandate
Greeley Tribune: Other Voices: The pandemic continues harming the working class
Fresh Plaza: Mango retailer of the year announced: Albertsons Companies
NBC News: ‘Striketober’ signals ‘tremendous sacrifice’ — but workers say it has been a long time coming
Cal Matters:Hospitals brace for strikes as California workers protest staff shortages
NBC 29: Kaiser Healthcare Workers to Picket Across Northern Calif. Over Short-Staffing, Threats to Patient Care, in Solidarity with Striking Hospital Engineers, says SEIU-UHW

Updated 10/14/2021

Jacobin Magazine: Workers at One of the Country’s Biggest Bourbon Producers Have Been on Strike for a Month 
CNBC: A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August, led by food and retail industries
WCPO: Kroger charges customer $12,000 for oranges, bounces bank account
WLWT: Demand for workers spikes with Kroger now looking to hire 20,000 people nationwide
Denver Post: King Soopers shooting suspect to undergo second competency evaluation
Grocery Dive: Pardon the Disruption: Kroger is showcasing its range with Ocado
KDVR: Southwest Denver shooting wounds man in King Soopers parking lot 
9 News: Man injured after shooting in Denver King Soopers parking lot
NPR: Kaiser Permanente workers In California And Oregon vote to authorize a strike

Updated 10/13/2021

MIC: Why the workers behind all your favorite grocery brands are striking
Retail Wire: Stores? Kroger don’t need no stinking stores
Supermarket Perimeter: Kroger lays out plans to expand Kroger Delivery with new fulfillment centers
The Hill: More than 100K workers threaten strikes as unions flex muscles
MarketPlace: Thousands of Kaiser Permanente health care workers threaten to strike

Updated 10/12/2021

In These Times: Dollar General Workers Stare Down Historic Union Vote, Vowing “We’re Gonna Fight”
Produce Blue Book: Kroger Delivery expands with new fulfillment centers
Bloomberg Law: Kroger owned grocery store sued by managers for unpaid overtime
Up Matters: Kaiser Permanente hit by strike votes in California, Oregon
The Hill: Kaiser Permanente workers authorize strikes in California, Oregon

Updated 10/11/2021

Times of San Diego: Opinion: Frontline Healthcare Workers at Kaiser Permanente Deserve Better
Denver 7: Boulder King Soopers shooter ruled incompetent to stand trial
New York Daily News: Colorado King Soopers accused shooter ruled incompetent to stand trial
Fox 31 Denver: Evaluation finds Boulder King Soopers shooting suspect incompetent, second evaluation requested
Daily Camera: Evaluators deem King Soopers shooting suspect incompetent to stand trial
KXL: Kaiser Permanente Workers Vote To Strike

Updated 10/8/2021

Voting ends Sunday for Kaiser Permanente union in California to greenlight strike
Collierville Police release new details in Kroger mass shooting

Updated 10/7/2021

Fred Meyer loses employee BLM button case

The Kroger Family of Companies to Hire 20,000 Associates
Kaiser Permanente Puts 2,200 Unvaccinated Employees On Unpaid Leave
OSHA’s Denver Office Cites Employers in Fatalities

Updated 10/4/2021

Kroger Workers Agree to New Contract
Kroger donates $1 million to start Collierville Survivors Fund
Kroger’s drone delivery program showing success in early stages, company says
Kroger offers COVID-19 boosters, hiring event for 1,500 jobs
Fox 12: Oregon: Kaiser Permanente workers to begin strike vote Monday night

Updated 9/30/2021

Essence: Security Guard At Kroger Allegedly Shot And Killed Black Man After Confronting Him About Loud Music
Cinncinatti Business Journal: NLRB backs charge against Kroger regarding Black Lives Matter
Click on  Detroit: Where are all the at-home COVID tests?
Meat + Poultry: OSHA cites JBS Greeley facility again
The Denver Channel: JBS cited by OSHA following worker’s death in March
AP: JBS Foods cited after worker dies in Colorado chemical vat
Supermarket News: Albertsons gets sharper picture of perishables supply chain
KCRA:Kaiser details consequences for workers who flout COVID-19 vaccine mandate, as more holdouts relent

Updated 9/29/2021

The Denver Channel: ‘They’re scared’: Colorado union pushing for armed guards at grocery stores after rash of violence
Mashed: Why One Workers’ Union Wants Armed Guards In Colorado Grocery Stores
Commercial Appeal: Union head renews calls for Kroger to do more to protect workers after Collierville shooting
Fox 13: Surveillance video shows moments before man was killed by security guard at Kroger gas station
Workers Compensation: US DOL Cites JBS Foods for Repeated Safety Failures After Worker’s Death at Swift Beef’s Colorado Facility
OSHA: US Department of Labor cites JBS Foods Inc. for repeated safety failures after worker’s death at Swift Beef’s Colorado facility
Retail Info Systems: Albertsons to Launch Shoppable Video Experiences

Updated 9/28/2021

BGR: Stimulus check update: A surprise $600 payment is coming — BGR
HR Dive: NLRB challenges Kroger brands’ ban on Black Lives Matter buttons
WTRF: Kroger’s employees’ union upset over contract negotiations: “Our members feel the company hasn’t gone far enough”
KQ2: Man who opened fire in Tennessee Kroger was asked to leave his job the morning of the incident, police say
Product Blue Book: Albertsons upgrades perishables order management system

Updated 9/27/2021

Washington Post: Grocery workers have borne the brunt of the pandemic. Now supermarket shootings are on the rise.
The Columbian: Health care unions say Washington hospitals ‘on the brink of a crisis’
CNN 58: Tennessee grocery store workers hid in freezers to survive a mass shooting that killed 1 woman and injured 14 others
Kake.com: Gunman in deadly Tennessee grocery shooting was a third-party vendor, police say
Fox 13 Memphis: Union calls for protections following deadly Kroger shooting
CBS News: Kroger store employee describes deadly shooting
KKTV: ‘This must stop:” Colorado governor reacts to Kroger shooting in Tennessee; referencing this is just months after the Boulder King Soopers shooting

Updated 9/23/2021

CBS 8: What’s the role of unions in the 21st century?
Yahoo Finance: New COVID stimulus checks are on the way for some US workers
CBS Denver: Latino Coalition Of Weld County Takes COVID Vaccine Clinics Into Communities To Promote Vaccine Equity
The Hill: Federal agencies warn companies to be on guard against prolific ransomware strain
Commercial Appeal: Multiple injuries reported in shooting at Collierville Kroger
Fox13 Memphis: 9 people shot at Collierville Kroger, sources say
Supermarket News: Albertsons, Pinterest partnership aims to inspire meal shopping
Business Wire: Albertsons Companies Awarded EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year for the Fourth Time

Updated 9/22/2021

AMA: How Permanente doctors are pushing ahead with a vaccine mandate
Tech Crunch: Albertsons sets off Firework’s livestream, shoppable video experience on website
Fox 31: Colorado agricultural workers’ rights bill looks for balance
Seattle Times: Feds say Fred Meyer, QFC broke the law by banning BLM buttons at work
The Daily Yonder: Grants to Meatpacking Workers Don’t Address Underlying Issues
BGR: Fourth stimulus check is coming to millions of Americans – here’s who gets one
The Nation: OSHA Can Do Much More to Prevent Covid Transmission at Work
Civil Eats: Op-ed: Giant Meat and Dairy Companies Are Dominating the Plant-Based Protein Market

Updated 9/21/2021

ISN Magazine: Kroger and Instacart Launch “Kroger Delivery Now” Nationwide to Provide 30-Minute Delivery Enabled by First-of-its-kind Virtual Convenience Store
My Norhwest: Labor board: Fred Meyer, QFC ban on Black Lives Matter buttons violated law
The Counter: The Biden administration is developing a federal heat standard to protect vulnerable workers
Value Walk: Fourth Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Finally Coming, but for Specific Workers
Venture Beat: Computer vision-powered workplace safety systems could lead to bias and other harms
Yahoo Finance: New COVID stimulus checks are on the way for some US workers

Updated 9/20/2021

The U.S. Sun: Stimulus check update – Extra $600 could be sent to farm workers, meat packers & grocery store employees
Herald Net: Comment: Unions not against vax mandate; they just want a say
The Triangle Business Journal: Kroger, Harris Teeter owner, to raise prices this year. Here’s why.
Drovers: Cause of JBS Fire Determined
ETNT: America’s Largest Grocery Chain Is Changing Its Mask Rule
Federal Way Mirror: Grocery store workers have right to wear Black Lives Matter buttons
The Progressive Grocer: Albertsons 1st Grocer to Pilot DoubleDash

Updated 9/16/2021

MPR News: Labor groups press for front-line worker pay

Updated 9/14/2021

Mashed: Why The Kroger CEO Blames Higher Food Prices On ‘Organized Crime’
ASC Review: Walmart, Amazon, Kroger to offer discounted at-home COVID-19 tests & more: 8 supply chain updates
Cincinnati Enquirer: Kroger requires workers to wear masks, again
The Grocer: Cyberattack shutdown: what happened at Brazilian meat supplier JBS

Updated 9/14/2021

Grocery Dive: Kroger and Instacart team up to deliver groceries in 30 minutes
CNBC: Kroger CEO says finding talent is grocery operator’s greatest challenge, as it teams up with Instacart
Wall Street Journal: Kroger, Instacart Aim for 30-Minute Grocery Delivery
Associated Press: Kroger, Instacart team on new 30-minute delivery service
Supermarket News: Kroger, Instacart team up on ‘virtual convenience store’

Updated 9/13/2021

NPR: What Businesses Are Saying About Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate
USA Today: Joe Biden’s $2B rapid testing plan calls for discounted COVID tests at Amazon, Kroger and Walmart

Updated 9/10/2021

Food Dive: Feds to require large employers mandate coronavirus vaccine
Manufacturing.net: JBS Fined $175K After Conveyer Belt Amputation

Updated 9/9/2021

Politico West Wing Playbook: Biden wants 9/11 closure
Civil Eats: USDA Offers Farmworkers and Meatpacking Workers $600 in COVID Relief
Buzzfeed News: Biden Plans To Mandate COVID Vaccines For All Federal Workers And Large Employers

Updated 9/8/2021

Greeley Tribune: JBS fined nearly $175,000 after Greeley worker loses arm in conveyor belt
Greeley Tribune: JBS workers’ union and management reach contract agreement at Greeley plant
BizWest: JBS, union agree to new collective bargaining agreement
Noticias Ya: Obrero pierde su brazo mientras trabajaba en JBS y la empresa recibe multa de miles de dólares
Meat + Poultry: JBS USA reaches agreement with UFCW at Greeley plant
The Hill: Biden hails unions: ‘Worker power is essential’
Grocery Dive: USDA unveils $700M relief fund with $20M for grocery workers
CBS: Farm and meatpacking workers could get $600 bonus from federal government
Denver 7: JBS Plant In Greeley Fined Nearly $175,000 After Employee’s Arm Amputated When It Became Stuck In Conveyor Belt

Updated 9/7/2021

Denver Post: JBS fined nearly $175,000 after Greeley worker loses arm in conveyor belt
AP: JBS fined $175K after Colorado worker loses arm in machinery

Updated 8/20/2021

Winsight Grocery Business: Kroger Turns to Tech-Enabled Training
Supermarket News: Albertsons, Walmart provide COVID-19 testing for United travelers

Updated 8/18/2021

The Hill: Union says Biden mask rules ‘not enough’ to protect workers
KDVR: Some people ‘gaming the system’ to get 3rd dose of vaccine

Updated 8/17/2021

Winsight Grocery Business: Albertsons Launches Subscription Delivery Service, New Loyalty Program, App
Retail Wire: Will a Prime-style subscription service take Albertsons business to a new level?
Diginomica: Albertsons – bringin”joy to grocery shopping” through a digital overhaul

Updated 8/13/2021

Progressive Grocer: Grocers Ramp Up Vax Efforts as COVID-19 Situation Shifts Yet Again
Denver Post: NAACP request for review of 2014 complaint against Boulder officer killed in King Soopers shooting tests new oversight panel
The Wall Street Journal: Brazil’s JBS Proposes to Buy Rest of Pilgrim’s Pride
BoiseDev: Albertsons rolls out Amazon Prime-style membership program with delivery, order perks
Progressive Grocer: Are Americans Really Prepared for Facial Recognition?
Federal Times: Third federal insurer introduces vaccins incentive program
Colorado Sun: More Colorado health leaders are urging mask, coronavirus vaccine mandates

Updated 8/12/2021

Grocery Dive: Kroger kicks off pickup partnership with Google
Morning Star: JBS 2Q Profit Rose vs Year Earlier on Rising U.S. Beef Sales
Reuters: Brazil’s JBS posts Q2 net income nearly 30% higher on strong U.S. meat ops

Updated 8/9/2021

CNBC: Covid vaccine mandates sweep across corporate America as delta variant spurs action
Cincinnati: Labor shortage squeezes Kroger’s hiring blitz
Fortune: American workers now have the upper hand as employers rush to raise hourly wages
Updated 8/6/2021
KDVR: Local unions, lawmakers mourn loss of AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka
Supermarket News: Kroger offers Lyft rides to COVID-19 vaccinations

Updated 8/4/2021

New York Times: After months of avoiding the vaccine issue, companies begin to mandate
KSNBC4: JBS response to Tyson’s vaccine mandate
Riverbank News: Kaiser Mandates COVID-19 Vaccination For All Employees

Updated 8/2/2021

CBS Atlanta: UPDATED: Retailers Review Mask Policies In Wake Of New CDC Guidance
Newsweek: Restaurant ‘Hires’ Robots to Serve Tables Amid ‘Exhausting’ Worker Shortage
CBS News: Target to require workers to mask up in areas where Delta variant is surging
Richmond Times-Dispatch: WATCH NOW: Kroger union employees protest company’s plan to change healthcare benefits; the chain says the revisions are necessary

Updated 7/30/2021

USA Today: Biden asks cities and states to send $100 to newly vaccinated, requires federal workers to show proof of vaccination
CBS Denver: Colorado AG Warns Ransomware Could Have ‘Disastrous Consequences’ For Small Businesses

Updated 7/29/2021

CNBC: Retailers are rethinking mask policies in the wake of new CDC guidance– and it could get complicated
NewsWeek: ‘People Don’t Want to Work for Poverty Wages’: Union Leader Disputes U.S. ‘Labor’ Shortage
Supermarket News: UFCW welcomes CDC’s updated face mask guidance
The Wall Street Journal: Albertsons Prepares for Potential Covid-19 Restrictions
Updated 7/27/2021
World Socialist Web Site: Memorial for Kroger worker harassed into suicide by manager for wearing face mask
Yahoo! Finance: Kaiser Permanente hospitals recognized among nation’s best

Updated 7/26/2021

Insider NJ: Delta Surge Prompts Calls to Reinstate Mask Mandates
In These Times: While Meatpacking Companies Reap Big Profits, Cattle Ranchers Struggle
Daily Camera: Grant pool for community events to heal from Boulder King Soopers shooting opened

Updated 7/23/2021

Today: Robots pack orders and drones deliver groceries: Is this the future of food shopping?
Supply Chain Dive: Retails leverage open calls to add diversity, sustainability to supply chains
MEAT + POULTRY: It’s back to school time at JBS, Pilgrim’s
National Geographic: Vaccines are highly unlikely to cause side effects long after getting the shot

Updated 7/21/2021

In These Times: We Are Zoomers and We Want the PRO Act
Time: COVID-19 Caused U.S. Life Expectancy to Drop 1.5 Years
Bakersfiels: JBS USA and Pilgrim’s Announce More Than 1,250 People Have Enrolled in Company-Funded …
Supermarket Perimeter: Uber adds Costco, Albertsons to grocery delivery service

Updated 7/20/2021

World Socialist Web Site: Kroger closes stores, while United Food and Commercial Workers kept workers on the job during pandemic
Forbes: Customers Don’t Want The Technology Experiences Offered By Stores

Updated 7/19/2021

Bloomberg: Uber Ramps Up On-Demand Grocery Expansion in the U.S.
Grocery Dive: Albertsons adds Uber delivery to 1,200 stores

Updated 7/16/2021

Cannabis Business Times: Industry Experts, Stakeholders Offer Their Takes on Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act
Business Insider: Kroger closed grocery stores rather than give workers a $4 raise. Now it’s padding shareholders’ pockets with a $1 billion stock buyback scheme
The Muslim News: Meat producer settles Muslin discrimination lawsuit for $5.5 million

Updated 7/15/2021

Grocery Dive: Kroger banners in California, Georgia set new union contracts with pay increases
Meat + Poultry: JBS USA releases 2020 Sustainability Report
Denver Post: Denver’s blue-collar neighborhoods hit hard by COVID, while wealthier areas were largely spared

Updated 7/14/2021 

The Wall Street Journal: You’re Paying More for Food–And You Might Not Know It
Bloomberg: Activist Groups Urge Retailers to Halt Facial Recognition Use
Market Watch: The rise of the gig economy spells the end for these workers: ‘We’re the vestiges of the old system’

Updated 7/13/2021

9WCPO: Lawsuit: Kroger manager drove employee to suicide
The Fence Post: Vilsack announces grants for expanded meat, poultry processing capacity
The Food Institute: USDA taking steps to boost meat and poultry market competitiveness
HeraldNet: Geography defines who gets grocery hazard pay — and who doesn’t
Progressive Grocer: Food 4 Less Grocery Workers Ratify New Contract
WTVQ: Cattle group applauds USDA effort to expand beef processing
13 WIBW: USDA to implement Sen. Moran’s meatpacking legislation
Associated Press News: USDA unveils plan to help build small meat processing plants
VOA News: Biden Signs Order to Promote Competition Throughout US Economy

Updated 7/09/2021

Business Journal: Colorado meatpacking giant pledges $20M to expand affordable housing
Mundo Obrero Workers World: Pandemic devastated U.S. working class
National Law Review: Labor Unions Seek Appellate Review of OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard
Bloomberg: Biden Is Taking On Big Ag With a Bid to Help Family Farmers
The Packer: Should there be a voluntary symbol for “healthy food”? Kroger chimes in
Associated Press News: Colorado to ban single-use plastic bags in 2024
The Hill: White House announces new rules for labeling meat ‘product of USA’
Dakota Free Press: Biden Aims to Help Farmers on Right to Repair, Unfair Meatpacking Practices
Associated Press News: New US rules to protect animal farmers expected soon

Updated 7/06/2021

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Kroger workers air contract dispute
Progressive Grocer: Kroger automates, Expands Distribution Center
Lancaster Farming: Meatpackers Got Lots of Support to Stay Open During COVID-19 Pandemic
The New York Times: Amazon Transformed Seattle. Now, Its Workers Are Poised to Take It Back.
The Seattle Times: Pandemic wave of automation may be bad news for workers
Jacobin: Why Sectoral Bargaining Matters for the Labor Movement
USA Today: Will grocery delivery services like Instacart and Shipt continue to thrive after COVID is over?
Yahoo! News: Inside the investigation: Detectives discuss impact of Colorado King Soopers shooting (video)
CBS News: One way to boost vaccination rates? Give workers paid time off, research suggests
Denver Post: McMillin: Plastic bags are going, going, but can we make them gone?
EIN Presswire: Agriculture Fairness Alliance Achieves First Lobbying Win
EIN Presswire: Colorado Comeback Bills to Support Agriculture Industry Become Law
Forbes: This Is How Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Plans To Take On Food Security In A Post-Covid World
Filter Magazine: Massachusetts Cannabis Workers Unionize, Part of a National Movement

Updated 6/30/2021

Fortune: CEOs say customers and employees will not accept return to status quo post-COVID
9News: New laws expected to impact Colorado agriculture workers
National Geographic: Historic drought in the West is forcing ranchers to take painful measures
Food Dive: Tyson invests in AI-enabled robotics firm to boost worker productivity

Updated 6/29/2021

Thomas Net: JBS USA Invests $280 Million in Production Expansion, Higher Wages for Factory Employees
People’s World: How the Smithfield workers of Sioux Falls stood up and won
Risk & Insurance: OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard for COVID-19 is Out. Here’s What Employers Need to Know
Supermarket News: Albertsons CEO Vivek Snkaran sizes up state of grocery post-pandemic
Colorado Newsline: Polis signs bill giving agricultural workers new protections
Associated Press: Colorado governor signs farmworker rights and wages law
Bloomberg Law: OSHA Covid-19 Rule Intended to Cover All Workers, Draft Shows

Updated 6/23/2021

Retail Insight Network: Albertsons partners with DoorDash for on-demand grocery delivery
SupplyChain Dive: Albertsons strikes deal with DoorDash as it pares down delivery fleet
Politics of Poverty: “Business as usual” won’t fix inequality in supermarket supply chains
Bloomberg: Smithfield Sued for Profiting From Covid Meat-Shortage Fears
Bezinga: Cannabis Unionization Efforts Continue To Grow Across Several States, MA And Cal The Latest
Washington Post: DoorDash, Albertsons to team up on grocery deliveries
Bloomberg: DoorDash Heats Up Grocery Delivery Race With Albertsons Alliance
FOX6 Milwaukee: Kroger sees job applications spike from June hiring event
Meat + Poultry: Kroger sees continuation of pandemic trends
The New York Times: Smithfield Foods is sued by an advocacy group claiming it stoked fears of meat shortages
JD Supra: Continued Labor Movement Momentum in Cannabis
CNBC: Albertsons CEO says customers have so far been able to handle higher inflation
Perishable News: JBS USA Invests in U.S. Beef Capacity and Permanently Increased Wages
Star Tribune: JBS, Waste Management follow other companies in offering tuition benefit

Updated 6/17/2021

Forbes: Biden Vows Retaliation On Any Future Russian Hacks On Critical Infrastructure
WCPO9 Cincinnati: Executive Pay 2021: How the pandemic fueled corporate bonuses in 2020
Farm Progress: Despite the concerns over slower slaughtering, prices are still high enough to sustain farmers’ profits
VICE News: Grocery Store Cashier Shot and Killed After Asking Someone to Wear a Mask
The Washington Post: Asked to adjust his mask, a customer killed a cashier and started a shootout, police say

Updated 6/15/2021

The Guardian: ‘People are so burned out’: US essential workers struggle as restrictions lifted
National Law Review: OSHA’s New Safety Rule: Health Case Workers and Beyond

Updated 6/14/2021

KKTV 11 News: Safeway stores open late Fridays in June for vaccines
Bloomberg: Biden Moves to Strengthen Market Protections for Farmers
The Wall Street Journal: Ransomware Attack Roiled Meat Giant JBS, Then Spilled Over to Farmers and Restaurants
The Washington Post: How Boulder residents are coping with the King Soopers rampage, three months later
Progressive Grocer: NGA Cheers OSHA’s Decision Not to Implement Emergency COVID Standard at Retail
Greeley Tribune: Greeley Tribune Opinion: Cyberattack on JBS having impacts nationally and locally
NPR: JBS Paid An $11 Million Ransom To Cyberattackers
The Guardian: World’s biggest meat producer JBS pays $11m cybercrime ransom
The New York Times: Yes, Your Employer Can Require You to Be Vaccinated
NPR: Federal COVID Workplace Safety Rules Are Here. But Only For Health Care Workers
New York Times: OSHA issues a new Covid safety rule, but only for the health care industry.
FOX Denver: JBS Greely will pay $5.5 million to 300 employees to settle race and religious discrimination claim
Denver Post: About 300 JBS Greeley employees will receive money from a $5.5 million discrimination settlement
CBS News: Most companies haven’t given essential workers pandemic “hazard pay.” One city is changing that.
Bloomberg: USDA Mulls Stronger Livestock Fair-Market Rules After JBS Attack
West Valley View: JBS USA and Pilgrim’s resolve cyberattack
Washington Post: Why this city is sending grocery workers $1,000 checks
Reuters:  Front-line workers and now shooting witnesses, Colorado grocery staff confront dual tragedies
KUNC: JBS To Resume Operations At Greeley Beef Plant After Cyberattack
9 News Denver: World’s largest meat company hit by cyberattack, FBI investigating
Greeley Tribune: Shifts canceled at Greeley plant after JBS cyberattack
BizWest: Union: 2 shifts at JBS’ Greeley plant canceled after cyberattack
Denver 7: JBS expecting to resume production at all facilities Thursday
Colorado Springs Gazette: GUEST COLUMN: Don’t politicize the plight of essential workers 

Updated 6/3/2021

CBS Denver: King Soopers Parent Company Kroger Announces $5 Million Giveaway In Effort To Get More People Vaccinated
The Hill: White House sends out memo to private sector on cyberattack protections
Meat + Poultry: JBS, Pilgrim’s resume production at all facilities following cyberattack shutdown
Poynter: The cyberattacks continue, this time on America’s food supply
Biz West: JBS Greeley plant employees return to work

Updated 6/2/2021

Greeley Tribune: Shifts canceled at Greeley plant after JBS cyberattack
Reporter Herald: Union: Greeley JBS beef plant expected to return to operations
Associated Press: Colorado shooting victims demand answers on public donations
The Washington Post: JBS works to restart meat processing plants, easing fears of price increases and shortages
Associated Press: Largest meat producer getting back online after cyberattack
WPTV: ‘Vast majority’ of JBS meat processing plants will be operational Wednesday after ransomware attack

Updated 6/1/2021

Salon: Unions are horrified at the mask mandate rollback — and fear workers’ lives are at risk again
Reuters: Brazil judge rules JBS pays damages over COVID-19 outbreak – prosecutors
Washington Post: Meat producer ransomware attack disrupts global production
Bloomberg: JBS Moves to Reopen ‘Vast Majority’ of Plants After Cyberattack

Updated 5/27/2021

High Times: Colorado Cannabis Company, Nature’s Root Labs, Breaks New Ground by Unionizing
Biz West: CBD workers make history by joining union
CBS: Kroger to give away $5 million to promote U.S. vaccination effort
The Enquirer: Giveaway: Kroger to offer $1M prizes, a year of free groceries to get COVID-19 vaccinations

Updated 5/26/2021

CBS 4: First National Cannabis Workers Union Covers Employees In Colorado, Florida
Colorado Newsline: Mental health isn’t officially part of Colorado’s emergency response. Lawmakers want to change that.
Updated 5/25/2021
Hemp Industry Daily: CBD maker announces collective bargaining for workers in Colorado, Florida
The Published Reporter (Palm Beach, FL): Union For 7,400 Florida Workers Reaches Historic Agreement To Unionize CBD Joint Venture
Retail Wire: Can retailers afford to keep paying associates less than $15 an hour?

Updated 5/24/2021

TIME: The U.S. CDC’s Mask Guidance Ignores the Risks Workers Face Every Day
POLITICO: Beef lobby rift: JBS leaves NCBA

Updated 5/21/2021

People’s World: Latest CDC anti-virus guidance draws some union criticism

Updated 5/20/2021

JD Supra: Funny You Should Ask: Is A Vaccine Mandate Subject Of Bargaining?
Cincinnati Enquirer: ‘They are being asked to be the vaccination police:’ Kroger worker’s union responds to mask change
Newsweek: Retail Workers’ Union Urges Stores to Require Masks as Largest Grocery Chain Lifts Mandate
Fox Business: Grocery, retail union blasts CEOs for lifting mask policies saying workers still facing ‘daily COVID risks’
Colorado Politics: King Soopers eliminating mask mandate for fully vaccinated customers, staff

Updated 5/19/2021

Greeley Tribune: UFCW Local 7’s Boulder shooting survivors: Union leadership worries about our safety, not politics
Denver Post: Opinion: Who will help the surviving employees of the King Soopers shooting?
CBS News: Kroger drops masks for vaccinated customers. Other retailers say “not so fast.”
POLITICO: ‘Public Health 101 failure’: CDC mask decision may knock out Biden’s workplace Covid crackdown
Washington Post: Hiring troubles prompt some employers to eye automation and machines

Updated 5/18/2021

Winsight Grocery Business: UFCW to Kroger: ‘Essential Workers Deserve More’
Denver 7: Grocery workers unions says employees treated like ‘zeroes’ by Kroger grocery chain
CBS 4 Denver: Kroger Chief Executive Gets 6% Raise While Median Worker Pay Drops 8%

Updated 5/17/2021

Cincinnati Enquirer: Kroger CEO pay tops $20M, median worker pay drops during COVID-19 pandemic
Supermarket News: UFCW raises concerns about updated CDC face mask policy
Reuters: NLRB won’t require return to in-person hearings amid pandemic
Greeley Tribune: Polis ends most Colorado mask requirements, but recommends unvaccinated people still wear them
The Denver Channel: Which stores are still requiring masks for visitors
Fox31 Denver: Will major grocery retailers still require masks?
Fox31 Denver: Colorado businesses can still set mask rules, requiring proof of vaccination less clear

Updated 5/14/2021

Reuters: Fully vaccinated people can shed their masks in most places -U.S. CDC
Greeley Tribune: Polis ends most Colorado mask requirements, but recommends unvaccinated people still wear them
Business Insider: CDC Mask Guidance Slammed by Leading Union As ‘Confusing’
Westword: Two Marijuana Unionization Attempts Sprout After Another Dies in Denver
KDVR: GROCERY STORE TRAGEDY: Boulder King Soopers memorial items being preserved
Fox 21 News: King Soopers to continue requiring masks following new CDC guidance
Bloomberg: Kroger, Blasted for Ending Hazard Pay, Gave CEO $22 Million
Denver Post: Colorado mask mandate ending as Polis shifts to recommendations, not requirements
KOAA: Vaccine providers ready for expanded age groups

Updated 5/13/2021

NBC News: Boulder King Soopers store, site of mass shooting, will reopen NBC News
KTAR: Grocers Albertson’s, Safeway, Fry’s to offer COVID vaccine to walk-ins
KDVR: New CDC guidance on indoor masks

Updated 5/12/2021

Roll Call: Delayed COVID-19 worker protections attract crush of lobbyists
9News: WATCH LIVE: Officials give update on Boulder King Soopers where mass shooting took place
Supermarket News: Albertsons kicks off walk-in COVID-19 vaccinations

Updated 5/11/2021

Civil Eats: OSHA Has Failed to Protect Food Workers. Can a New Director Keep Them Safe?

Updated 5/10/2021

Analysis: U.S. Labor Secretary’s next move on gig workers likely to include company probes – experts
Greeley Tribune: Latino Coalition, Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado to host COVID-19 vaccine equity clinic

Updated 5/5/2021

Daily Camera: Local health care provider to host virtual coping event following Boulder shooting
CNBC: Biden proposal will make free school lunch available to 29 million children every summer
CBS Denver: Colorado Businesses Left Trying To Figure Out How Enforce New Mask Order

Updated 5/4/2021

Food Safety News: Is UFCW v. USDA the end or just the beginning of the great line speed debate?
Forbes: Macy’s Loses To A Union When High Tech Collides With High Touch
Payment Source: Why a union victory against Macy’s matters to digital checkout
KUNC: The Future Of The Table Mesa King Soopers: What Boulder Can Learn From Past Mass Shooting Sites
CBS Denver: King Soopers’ Parent Company Begins Drone Grocery Delivery Service
CBS Denver: COVID Restrictions In Colorado: Indoor Mask Rule Causes Confusion For Businesses Owners

Updated 5/3/2021

Chain Store Age: Macy’s ordered to restore commission to employees for in-store app sales
Washington Post: King Soopers, Stop & Shop shootings are adding to grocery workers’ trauma
Courthouse News Service: Unanswered Questions Linger Behind Colorado Mass Shootings
9News: King Soopers workers tell their stories after shooting
Washington Post: Kroger to pilot drone grocery delivery in Ohio, the latest company to experiment with the technology
KTNV 13: Kroger to launch drone grocery delivery system in midwest
Axios: Colorado extends COVID mask mandate, eases rules on vaccinated
Fox News: Colorado extends COVID mask mandate
CBS Denver: COVID In Colorado: Statewide Mask Order Extended 30 Days & Amended To Account For Vaccinated People

Updated 4/30/2021

CNBC: As more retailers turn to tech, Macy’s store employees score victory in challenging self-checkout in mobile app
KGW8: Some businesses offering incentives for COVID-19 vaccinations
Consumer Affairs: JBS USA recalls imported boneless beef
CBS Denver: COVID In Colorado: Health Officials Seeing Rise In Middle-Aged Hospitalizations

Updated 4/29/2021

The Hill: On Workers Memorial Day we need action to protect essential workers on the frontlines
World Socialist Website: 3,000 Kroger workers in Arkansas still without a contract after a year
CBS Denver: Patient Charged ‘Admin Fee’ For COVID Vaccine, Colorado Attorney General Investigating
Greeley Tribune: All Colorado mass vaccination sites to take walk-ins in bid to boost flagging demand for shots

Updated 4/28/2021

Bloomberg Law: NLRB Sets Stage for Settlement of Trump-Era Union Dues Case (1)
CBS Denver: T/ACO In Boulder Donates Outdoor Cabana To King Soopers Employees After Shooting
Cincinnati Business Courier: Walk this way: Kroger’s customer traffic tops all peers in last quarter, study shows
People’s World: Workers Memorial Day: Nobody knows how many workers COVID-19 has killed

Updated 4/27/2021

Intrado: JBS USA to Host First Quarter 2021 Earnings Conference Call May 14, 2021
TechCrunch: Sponsored post: How Albertsons Companies partners with Adobe on the future of grocery shopping
9News: Latinos in Colorado have disproportionately low COVID vaccination rate
KUNC: Still Need A COVID-19 Vaccine? 4 Ways You Can Get One In Northern Colorado

Updated 4/26/2021

Law360: NLRB Official Sets Union Election For Beef-Processor Trainers
Cannabis Wire: Unionization Efforts Leave Cannabis Growers Behind, But Change Could Be Coming
CBS Denver: Boulder King Soopers Employees Will Get Paid Leave For 2 More Months Following Deadly Shooting
The Denver Channel: Colorado resumes use of single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine after US lifts pause on shot
New Country 991: Hundreds Of Coloradans Accidently Charged For Covid Vaccine

Updated 4/23/2021

Grocery Dive: UFCW presses grocers to guarantee paid leave for COVID-19 vaccinations
KDVR: GROCERY STORE TRAGEDY: Boulder Resource Center continues to help people
ThomasNet: Kroger Launches Americas’ First Grocery Customer Fulfillment Center

Updated 4/22/2021

Supermarket News: Grocery worker COVID-19 infections, deaths rise: UFCW report
KDVR: No appointment needed at 3 Colorado COVID-19 vaccine sites
Denver Post: Colorado’s COVID-19 outbreaks rise again, driven by schools and nursing homes

Updated 4/21/2021

Wall Street Journal: Unions, Pfizer and a Record Label Helped Biden Inaugural Committee Raise $61.8 Million
Boston Business Journal: Stop & Shop president ‘heartbroken’ after NY store shooting
Supermarket News: One killed, two wounded in shooting at Stop & Shop on Long Island
Progressive Grocer: Security Expert, Industry Leaders Weigh in Following Latest Supermarket Shooting

Updated 4/19/2021

The Wall Street Journal: Meatpacker JBS USA Hires New Chief Legal Officer
Daily Voice: Recall Issued For Boneless Beef Products Due To Possible E. Coli Contamination
Food Service and Inspection Service: JBS USA Food Company Recalls Imported Boneless Beef Products Due to Possible E. coli O157:H7 Contamination
Food Safety News: Government tests show E. coli in frozen beef; JBS launches recall
Meat and Poultry: JBS USA Food Co. recalls imported beef due to possible E. coli contamination

Updated 4/16/2021

Bloomberg: Delivery Startup Loses Union Vote as Labor Edges Into Industry
The Counter: Tens of thousands of meatpacking workers have been vaccinated, but the industry’s Covid-19 crisis continues
CBS Denver: Permanent Memorial To King Soopers Shooting Victims To Be Built In Boulder
Marketwatch: Kroger partner Ocado is on the road to robotic grocery delivery with autonomous-vehicle investment
Singularity Hub: A Huge New Warehouse in Ohio Is Staffed by 1,000 Grocery-Picking Robots
LAist: Two Long Beach Grocery Stores Will Close On Saturday After Fight Over ‘Hero Pay’
CBS Denver: Coloradans Who Lost Loved Ones To COVID Can Apply For Funeral Assistance From FEMA
CBS Denver: COVID In Colorado: Weld County Lifting All Restrictions On Friday As State Ends Dial Framework
9News: These are the COVID restrictions in Colorado counties

Updated 4/15/2021

Scot Scoop: Local governments broadly adopt hazard pay mandates
WSAZ: Kroger Health introduces COVID-19 vaccine ‘focus hour’

Updated 4/14/2021

Boulder Beat: The ache and the anger: Boulderites look back on a year of COVID
CNN: Here’s Kroger’s big bet to fight Amazon
Cincinnati Enquirer: Inside Kroger’s big bet on growing home delivery this spring
Bloomberg: Kroger Is Using a Robot Army to Take On Amazon, Walmart
Market Watch: Kroger launches hi-tech facility as digital competition among grocers heats up
Colorado Public Radio: Colorado Puts Vaccine From Johnson & Johnson On Hold — Here’s What To Know As It’s Under Investigation
KDVR: Patients at Colorado Springs clinic will have to get revaccinated after clinic fails to comply with storage protocols

Updated 4/13/2021

NBC News: Grocery workers died feeding the nation. Now, their families are left to pick up the pieces.
Denver CBS Local: ‘Thought That Was It’: Olympic Running Hopeful Maggie Montoya Recalls Boulder Shooting
Fox19: Kroger halts J&J vaccine at clinics
Colorado Public Radio: These Colorado Counties No Longer Have To Follow The Statewide Mask Mandate
KRDO: Colorado Springs COVID-19 vaccine site only in state to have doses confiscated

Updated 4/12/2021

Grocery Dive: UFCW condemns Amazon’s use of cashierless tech as retailer expands grocery store fleet

New York Times: ‘I Know She’s Gone, but Why?’: Love and Loss at a Boulder Grocery Store

KKTV: 2 Colorado Springs men craft plaques honoring Boulder shooting victims and Officer Eric Talley

CBS Denver: Remembering The Victims: Celebration Of Life Held For Teri Leiker At CU Events Center

WGNO: Colorado COVID vaccine site closes early after 11 experience adverse reactions

Updated 4/9/2021

Supermarket News: Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama give thumbs-down to union
Fox 5 DC: Amazon hiring for its first East Coast grocery stores in the DC area
CBS Denver: COVID In Colorado: State Expands At-Home Testing Program To All Public-Facing Workers

Updated 4/8/2021

USA Today: Thousands of meatpacking workers have been vaccinated, but the industry’s crisis continues
NBC Los Angeles: Councilmen Want Investigation Over Kroger Closing Stores Due to Hero Pay
Mashed: The Reason LA Councilmen Want To Investigate These Kroger Closures
ABC4: These companies are rewarding employees who receive the COVID-19 vaccine
The Denver Channel: What Happened To Biden’s Plan To Fight COVID-19 In Workplaces?
KSNB Local: JBS to fund improvements to Northwest HS auditorium
KDVR: Colorado ending statewide COVID-19 Dial, allowing for local control next week

Updated 4/7/2021

The Denver Channel: Tunnel to Towers Foundation pays off mortgage for slain Boulder Officer Eric Talley’s family

Denver Post: Rikki Olds, killed inside Boulder King Soopers, remembered as “an unstoppable force”

Colorado Public Radio: Boulder Shooting Prosecutors And Defense Attorneys Spar Over Pre-Trial Publicity

Noticias Ya: King Soopers donará $1 millón al fondo para las víctimas de la masacre del 22 de marzo

CBS Denver: COVID Restrictions: Level Green Counties Allowed 100% Capacity At Indoor Venues, With Stipulations

Updated 4/6/2021

CBS Denver: Boulder King Soopers Employees Call For More Safety & Transparency Before Returning To Store
World Socialist Website: JBS Greeley meatpacking worker dies after being struck by machinery
Associated Press: Probe wraps up at Colorado supermarket where 10 were killed
The Denver Gazette: The Boulder shooting suspect’s attorneys have referenced supposed mental illness, but previous assault misdemeanor probably wouldn’t have caught it 
CBS Denver: Boulder King Soopers No Longer A Crime Scene After Shooting
Denver Post: Boulder police turn King Soopers back over to store following shooting investigation
Yahoo! News:Some Boulder King Soopers Employees Unsatisfied With Kroger’s Reaction To Resuming Operations
The Denver Gazette: How and where to sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment around Colorado Springs

Updated 4/5/2021

Associated Press: Court proceedings a double-edged sword for victims’ families
Denver Post: Boulder police officers didn’t wait for backup to confront King Soopers shooter. That’s exactly what modern police tactics teach.
Denver Post: Boulder police turn King Soopers back over to store following shooting investigation
Colorado Public Radio: The Memorial Outside The Boulder King Soopers Grew As People Mourned Together. Soon, It’ll Be Preserved In A Museum
KDVR: Boulder church turns guns into gardening tools in wake of King Soopers shooting
The Denver Channel: Ft. Collins’ therapy dogs and their handlers comfort Boulder mass shooting survivors
Million Acres: Google and Albertsons Plan the Future of Grocery Shopping

Updated 4/2/2021

Denver Post: Colorado’s expansion of vaccine access stokes fears that appointments will be even harder to find
Brinkwire: Front-line workers and now shooting witnesses, Colorado grocery staff confront dual tragedies
Colorado Sun: “It was going to happen eventually”: A popular lunchtime spot for Boulder students is now marred by gun violence
KDVR: Private memorial service held for Denny Stong, youngest victim in Boulder shooting
CBS Denver: A Service Was Held Today To Honor The Life Of Tralona Bartkowiak
The Ashbury Collegian: Colorado Grocery Store Shooting Shocks Nation

Updated 4/1/2021

Colorado Public Radio: Is Colorado Ready To Face The Next Phase Of The Pandemic Without A Statewide Mask Mandate?
Reuters: U.S. court slams brakes on Trump-era hog slaughter line speed rule; union cheers
Public Citizen: Federal Court Throws Out USDA Rule Lifting Line Speed Cap in Hog-Slaughter Plants
CBS Denver: King Soopers Opens Community Resource Center For Those Impacted By Boulder Shooting
The Colorado Sun: Colorado law enforcement could use deadly force only as a “last resort” under new bill
KDVR: King Soopers honoring victim Teri Leiker with anniversary ring
9 News: ‘She made a happy life for herself’: Family remembers Boulder victim, Teri Leiker
Colorado Hometown Weekly: What’s next for King Soopers has yet to be decided
Daily Camera: Celebration of life for King Soopers’ shooting victim Rikki Olds to be held next week in Boulder

Updated 3/31/2021

CBS Denver: Boulder Holding Virtual Meeting To Help Older Adults In Coping With Tragedy
CBS Denver: Community Donates $1.3 Million To Colorado Healing Fund For Boulder Shooting Victims
CBS Denver: Boulder King Soopers Could Re-Open As Early As April 24 Following Mass Shooting, Employee Says
Colorado Public Radio: Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley Remembered As A Hero Who Saved Lives At King Soopers Mass Shooting
The Denver Channel: As Boulder tries to heal, activists are once again calling for lawmakers to act
Greeley Tribune: Weld Health announces easier sign-up as vaccine becomes available to all 16 and older
The Denver Post: Fund benefiting victims of Boulder King Soopers shooting reaches over $2.7 million
The Colorado Sun: Boulder police Officer Eric Talley’s life wasn’t taken in the King Soopers shooting, a priest said. “He gave it.”
KDVR: Colorado Healing Fund has raised $2.7M for shooting victims’ families and survivors
KRDO: Boulder police add decals that honor victims of King Soopers shooting to patrol vehicles
The Denver Channel: Colorado Healing Fund receives millions in donations for people impacted by King Soopers shooting
KDVR: Tough times for King Soopers workers who survived shooting
BizJournals: Kroger investing $350 million to raise average employee wage to $16 per hour – Cincinnati Business Courier
CNBC: Kroger looks to make online grocery orders more profitable, double digital sales by end of 2023
CBS Denver: Coloradans Likely To Face Long Wait Times For COVID Vaccine

Updated 3/30/2021

Denver Channel: Colorado boy hands out flowers to King Soopers workers following Boulder shooting
Denver Channel: Crowds honor Boulder Officer Eric Talley — killed in King Soopers shooting — during Tuesday procession
Loveland Reporter-Herald: Local groups, companies raise money for victims of King Soopers shooting
Daily Camera: Suspect in Boulder King Soopers shooting has hearing set for May
KOAA: Frustration after Pueblo vaccination clinic moves to State Fairgrounds
People: Colorado Meatpacking Plant Worker Dies After Being Hit by Equipment and Falling
CBS Denver: Jonathan Duerst Identified As JBS Worker Who Died In ‘Possible Work-Related Accident’
Marketing Dive: Albertsons partners with Google to boost online shopping convenience
Supermarket News: Albertsons, Google eye easier grocery shopping in major partnership

Updated 3/29/2021

Washington Post: After surviving the pandemic, workers at a Boulder supermarket felt hopeful. Then, a gunman walked in.
Reuters: Front-line workers and now shooting witnesses, Colorado grocery staff confront dual tragedies
Colorado Sun: Coronavirus, then a mass shooting: It’s been a year from hell for Colorado grocery workers
Denver Post: 58 minutes of terror: How the Boulder King Soopers shooting unfolded
Denver Post: Why the King Soopers in south Boulder has been a decades-long community anchor
9News: Boulder King Soopers remains a crime scene, four days after shooting
CBS Denver: ‘Most Remarkable Human Being’: Lynn Murray Remembered As Loving And Kind
Denver Post: Comfort dogs give solace to those grieving King Soopers deaths
KJCT8: King Soopers donating $1 million to support those affected by Boulder mass shooting
CBS Denver: Neighbors, Family Mourn Loss Of King Soopers Shooting Victims: ‘Just Devastated’
The Gazette: Boulder King Soopers employee describes the moment a gunman opened fire at the store
Retail Wire: King Soopers: Killed in the line of retail duty
KDVR: Worker dies in accident at Greeley JBS meatpacking plant
KDVR: Employee dies in accident at Greeley JBS meatpacking plant
9 News: JBS employee dies in workplace accident

Updated 3/26/2021

ABC News: King Soopers donating $1 million to Colorado Healing Fund in wake of mass shooting
The Counter: Boulder grocery store workers were already facing many dangers before the shooting
Washington Post: The shooting at my King Soopers also destroyed a haven of warmth and inclusion
ABC: 11-year-old boy gives flowers to King Soopers employees
Fox 31 Denver: Employees, shoppers return to King Soopers in Boulder
Fox 31 Denver: King Soopers donates $1M to Colorado Healing Fund
Fox 31 Denver: Road to Recovery: Assistance available to those impacted by the King Soopers tragedy
Fox 31 Denver: Watch: Motive in Boulder King Soopers shooting still unclear
CBS 4 Denver: ‘In It Together’: King Soopers Employee Focuses On Healing After Watching Gunman Shoot First Victim In Parking Lot
CBS 4 Denver: Grocery Store Shooting: Gunman’s Motive Still Unknown; Complex Investigation Underway
Fox21 News: King Soopers donates $1 million to the Colorado Healing Fund
New York Post: King Soopers donates $1M to charity after Boulder shooting
The Colorado Springs Gazette: King Soopers gives $1 million to Boulder shooting victims’ family fund
The Colorado Sun: Boulder shooting victim Rikki Olds “lived life on Rikki’s terms,” family and friends say
The Denver Channel: Woman bridges cultural divide to help family of King Soopers shooting victim, Neven Stanisic
The Guardian: ‘They don’t care’: US supermarket chain shutters stores after hazard pay rules
The Counter: Employees at meat processing plants are now receiving vaccinations nationwide
France24: US workers enticed with bonuses, time off to get Covid-19 vaccine

Updated 3/25/2021

Associated Press: Grocery store worker narrowly escaped gunman’s notice
KDVR: King Soopers employee whose sister survived Aurora theater shooting struggles to process tragedy
KOA Newsradio: Effect of Recent Shooting on Grocery Store Workers
CNN: A King Soopers barista hid his coworker behind trash cans to keep her safe during the shooting
The Denver Channel: King Soopers employee grateful for outpour of financial support during uncertain time
Colorado Public Radio News: The King Soopers Attack Shattered A Close-Knit Group Of Workers Who Had Already Been Through A Hellish Year
The Denver Channel: New bill for physician assistant care access and reimbursement
Reuters: ‘It’s really bad at night’: Boulder shooting survivor haunted by gunshots

Updated 3/24/2021

CNN: Shooting compounds trauma already felt by grocery workers during pandemic, union president says
Reuters: Shooter reported by police in Boulder, Colorado; man shown in handcuffs
Business Insider: Deadly Boulder grocery-store shooting highlights the looming threat of violence that retail workers face in America
People: Witnesses Recount ‘Horrifying’ Scene of Boulder Shooting, Heroic Actions of Supermarket Employees
Denver Gazette: Colorado prepares to nix the ‘new normal’
USA Today: ‘It was just terror’: Survivors recount rampage in the aisles at Boulder, Colorado supermarket
The Guardian: Boulder in fresh push to ban assault rifles as city reels from mass shooting
Associated Press: Survivor of Colorado victim: A void ‘that won’t be filled’
Business Insider: Boulder shooting victims include 3 employees at the King Soopers grocery store and an Instacart shopper
Forbes: A Police Officer, Grocery Store Workers: Here’s What We Know About The 10 Colorado Shooting Victims
CBS 4 Denver: King Soopers & Instacart Employees Remembered After Deadly Shooting
KDVR-DEN (FOX): Fox 31 – Morning News at 8:00am
KCNC-DEN (CBS): CBS 4 – CBS4 This Morning – 5AM
KCEC- Denver: Univision – Noticiero Univisión Colorado
Denver Post: Colorado COVID hospitalizations stall as state prepares to loosen restrictions
The Coloradoan: Family of Boulder shooting victim Rikki Olds speaks during press conference
Food Industry Executive: Ally Energy Solutions Partners with JBS to Complete Solar Project at Their US Headquarters in Greeley, Colorado

Updated 3/23/2021

KCR-FM (CPR) – Interview
KMGH-DEN (ABC) – ABC 7 – 7 News Now at 6 AM
CNN – CNN Newsroom with Kate Bolduan
Fox21News – Colorado leaders react to King Soopers shooting in Boulder
9News: First a pandemic, then a shooting: Union president calls King Soopers employees heroes
Patch: Boulder Grocery Store Shooting: 10 Killed, Including Officer
New York Times: Grocery store workers dealt with ‘worst of the worst’ even before the Boulder shooting.
The Denver Channel: 10 dead, including one officer, in shooting at King Soopers in Boulder
Denver 7: President of UFCW Local 7 Kim Cordova: ‘We’re very heartbroken’ after Boulder King Soopers mass shooting
Reuters: Suspect in custody after 10 killed in mass shooting at Colorado grocery store
Reuters: Colorado supermarket shooter kills 10, including police officer
4 CBS Denver: 10 People Dead After Shooting At King Soopers On Table Mesa
New York Times: What to Know About the Colorado Grocery Store Shooting
CNN: 10 dead in shooting at a grocery store in Colorado — less than a week after the spa killings in Atlanta
NBC: 10 people dead, including police officer, after shooting at Colorado grocery store
USA Today: Boulder shooting live updates: 10 killed in Colorado supermarket, including police officer; suspect arrested
BBC: Boulder shooting: Gunman kills 10 at King Soopers grocery store
The Denver Post: Boulder shooting: Colorado leaders react to King Soopers shooting
ABC Today Show: ‘I felt God compel me to go back’: Colorado shooting witnesses recall helping others to safety

Updated 3/22/2021

New York Times: Covid-19: Workers at U.S. Meat Plants Now Have Vaccine Access in Most States
New York Times: Workers at U.S. meat plants, early Covid hot spots, are now getting vaccinated in many states.
CBS Denver: ‘Now They Know Where They Can Come’: Equity Clinic Vaccinates Latino Population in Weld County
Just Food: Meat giant JBS ‘fined over Covid-19 outbreak’
The Globe: JBS workers vaccinated en masse

Updated 3/19/2021

Market Watch: Online grocer Ocado dismisses Amazon as a ‘very small competitor’ ahead of first Kroger warehouse launch
Reuters: JBS ordered to pay $3.6 million after Brazil beef plant’s COVID outbreak
Axios: How MeatOut Day backfired on Colorado Gov. Jared Polis
Amarillo Globe News: One Year Later: Local meatpacking plants adjust for impact of pandemic

Updated 3/18/2021

JD SUPRA: OSHA Issues Updated Enforcement Response Plan and National Emphasis Program on COVID-19 to Enhance Workplace Safety and Protect Whistleblowers from Retaliation
Ag Week: Last major COVID-19 relief package includes several ag-related provisions
Human Resources Executive: Kroger offers employees instant pay access
Forbes: Why Kroger’s Store Closures And Hazard Pay Reaction Are So Unsettling
Greeley Tribune: JBS, Pilgrim’s announces free 2-year college tuition program for workers, dependents
Fox 31: ‘Better Futures’; JBS, Pilgrim announce 2-year college tuition program
Meat + Poultry: JBS extends community college tuition program to workers, employees’ children

Updated 3/17/2021

World Socialist Website: St. Vincent Hospital nurses in Worcester, Mass. in second week of strike for safe staffing ratios
AG News West: Safe Line Speeds During COVID-19 Act Reintroduced March 16, 2021
National Law Review: OSHA COVID-19-Related Inspections Increasing
Denver Post: COVID-19 mass vaccination sites opening in Denver and across Colorado
Westword: Home Depot Walmart King Soopers COVID-19 Colorado Chain Outbreaks

Updated 3/15/2021

WKBN: Kroger will require masks until all frontline grocery workers can receive COVID-19 vaccine
Greeley Tribune: JBS vaccination clinic an important first step

Updated 3/12/2021

NBC News: Meatpacking workers feel ignored, alone in vaccine prioritization

KUNC: Five Workers Win COVID-Related Disability Pay From King Soopers, Safeway As Vaccinations Pick Up

CBS Los Angeles: Kroger To Close 3 Stores In Los Angeles In Response To Approval Of ‘Hero Pay’ Mandate

PYMNTS: Grocery Roundup: Grocers, Lawmakers Butt Heads

RetailWire: Do Kroger’s chains have more to gain or lose from closing stores over ‘hero’ pay increases?

Updated 3/11/2021

CNN: Kroger will close 3 grocery stores following Los Angeles hazard pay mandate
Business Insider: Kroger closing 3 LA stores where hazard wage laws are enforced
The Denver Channel: Colorado family shares struggle to book second COVID-19 vaccine appointment through Safeway
Eat This, Not That: This Grocery Store Chain Has Already Given Over 1 Million COVID-19 Vaccines

Updated 3/10/2021

Greeley Tribune: Weld County vaccine providers work to administer doses amid fluctuating supply
Fox28 Spokane: Everything’s coming up COVID for much public spending, even as virus fades

Updated 3/9/2021

9 News: Polis gives update on COVID cases, vaccination efforts in Colorado
KDVR: Coloradans turned away at COVID vaccine appointments due to overbooking
The Denver Channel: Safeway turns away hundreds of people scheduled for a vaccine

Updated 3/8/2021

KMGH-DEN (ABC):  ABC 7 – 7 News at 5 PM
KCNC-DEN (CBS): CBS4 – Evening News
KUSA-DEN (NBC):  9News – Evening News
KCNC-DEN (CBS): CBS 4 – News at 5PM
The Denver Channel: Colorado COVID anniversary brings back memories of loved ones lost
New Country 991: Colorado Governor Visited Greeley’s JBS Plant Friday
KKTV: Employees of Mission Foods in Pueblo able to get vaccinated on Monday
CBS Denver: JBS Employees Get COVID Vaccines Months After 6 Die From Outbreak At Greeley Plant
CBS Denver: COVID In Colorado: Grocery Workers Become Eligible For Vaccine
Colorado Public Radio: 1 Year After First Outbreaks, Greeley JBS Meatpacking Workers Get Their COVID Vaccinations
KUNC: 2,500-Plus Get COVID-19 Vaccinations At Meatpacking Plants In Greeley And Fort Morgan Friday
Greeley Tribune: JBS workers, having seen the largest outbreaks in Weld County, receive first doses of COVID-19 vaccine
Pueblo Chieftain: After 3 outbreaks, Pueblo’s Mission Foods workers start getting vaccines
KTVD (MyTV) – 9 News: Morning News 
KCNC-DEN (CBS): CBS 4 – Morning News
KUSA-DEN (NBC): 9 News – Mile High Mornings
KUSA-DEN (NBC): 9 News – 9News at Noon
KUSA-DEN (NBC): 9 News – 6pm: Next
KCEC (Univision): Noticiero Univisión Colorado
KTVD (MyTV): 9 News – Saturday Morning at 6am
9 News: Thousands of JBS, Cargill employees getting COVID-19 vaccine
KMGH-DEN (ABC):  ABC7 The Denver Channel – 4 AM News
KMGH-DEN (ABC):  ABC7 The Denver Channel – Morning News
KMGH-DEN (ABC): ABC7 The Denver Channel – Evening News
KCNC-DEN (CBS): CBS4 – This Morning
KCNC-DEN (CBS): CBS4 – News at Noon
KWGN-TV (CW): Channel 2 – Daybreak 6 A
KDVR – DEN (FOX): Fox 31 – Morning News at 7:00am
KDVR – DEN (FOX): Fox 31 – Denver News at 5:00pm
KDVR-DEN (FOX): Fox 31 – Morning News at 6:00am
KMGH-DEN (ABC): ABC7 – 7 News Now Saturday AM
KUSA-DEN (NBC): 9News – Saturday Morning
KWGN (CW): Channel 2 – News at 8 am
Associated Press: JBS meatpacking plant workers get COVID-19 vaccine shots
KDVR: Gov. Polis, Agriculture commissioner attend JBS plant vaccinations
Telemundo Denver: Miles de empleados de JBS y Cargill reciben la vacuna contra el COVID-19
CPR News: Vaccinations Arrive for JBS Employees, But It’s Cold Comfort For One Worker Still Suffering From The Virus

Updated 3/5/2021

Colorado Public Radio: 1 Year After First Outbreaks, Greeley JBS Meatpacking Workers Get Their COVID Vaccinations
Real Clear Investigations: Everything’s Coming Up Covid for Much Public Spending … Even as Virus Fades
Greeley Tribune: JBS workers, having seen the largest outbreaks in Weld County, receive first doses of COVID-19 vaccine
KUNC: COVID-19 Vaccinations For Meatpacking Workers In Greeley And Fort Morgan Start Today
Noticias Colorado: Miles de empleados de la empacadora de carne JBS reciben la vacuna contra COVID-19
9 News: WATCH LIVE: Polis visits JBS, where thousands of employees are getting COVID-19 vaccine
CBS Denver: JBS Plant In Greeley To Host COVID Vaccine Clinic For Employees
Denver Post: PHOTOS: One year of COVID-19 in Colorado
CBS News: As more states lift mandates, most major retailers still require face masks

Updated 3/3/2021

Cincinnati Enquirer: Why won’t Kroger bring back hero pay? Hint: it would cost a lot
Huffington Post: As COVID-19 Spread, The Trump Administration Was Cutting Back On Workplace Inspections
Colorado Sun: Colorado set to begin receiving roughly twice as many coronavirus vaccine doses starting in April
China Daily: US store workers forced to wait for vaccination
Dallas News: Kroger and other big and small retailers stick with required masks
The Hill: Pressure builds for companies to incentivize vaccines for workers
Equities News: Tyson Foods To Provide Free Onsite COVID-19 Vaccinations to Employees

Updated 3/2/2021

Associated Press: Kroger Continues to Support Disaster Response to Uplift Communities Affected by Texas Winter Storm
Associated Press: Thousands of meatpacking workers to be vaccinated this week
The Grand Island Independent: Group of JBS employees tests positive for COVID-19
Powder & Bulk Solids: JBS and Pilgrim’s Offer Vaccine to 8K Workers in Several States
Food Processing: Inconsistent Vaccine Priority Frustrates Food Industry

Updated 3/1/2021

Denver Post: COVID-19 vaccine in Colorado: Who is eligible in phase 1B.3 starting March 5?
KKTV: 27,000 Pueblo County residents vaccinated for COVID-19 as state moves into phase 1B.3
WATE: COVID-19 vaccines now offered in Kroger, Walmart and Sam’s Club
Los Angeles Times: Grocery workers deserve ‘hero pay.’ Kroger shouldn’t close stores to avoid paying it
Business Insider: Meatpacker JBS will provide COVID-19 vaccines to 8,500 workers in eight states

Updated 2/26/2021

CBS 17: CDC launches portal to help public find COVID-19 vaccinations
9 News: COVID in Colorado: Polis gives update on vaccine, pandemic
Bocado: Diario de un matadero (Spanish)

Updated 2/25/2021

Greeley Tribune: JBS workers can get a COVID-19 vaccine at the Greeley plant on March 5, 6
KUNC: COVID-19 Vaccination Site Inside JBS Greeley Plant Will Inoculate Workers Next Week
Reporter Herald: Mass vaccination planned at JBS meatpacking plant in Greeley
CBS Denver: Union Organizing JBS Mass Vaccination Event: ‘It’s About Time They Are Prioritized’
(Video) NBC News 9: COVID-19 vaccine drive being held for essential JBS Greeley employees
(Video) Univision Colorado: Noticias Univision Colorado a las diez.
Bloomberg Law: Colorado JBS Meat-Plant Workers Get Access to Covid Vaccine (1)

Updated 2/24/2021

Bloomberg: Colorado JBS Meat-Plant Workers Get Access to Covid Vaccine (original headline)
Greeley Tribune: JBS, union to offer COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Greeley plant
KUNC: COVID-19 Vaccination Site Inside JBS Greeley Plant Will Inoculate Workers Next Week
BizWest: JBS to offer mass vaccination to meatpacking staffers next month – BizWest
NBC 9 News: COVID vaccine drive happening for essential JBS Greeley workers
Meat and Poultry: JBS plant in Colorado to offer workers COVID-19 vaccinations
Denver Post: JBS Greeley employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations starting March 5
CBS 4 Denver: COVID In Colorado: Union At JBS Plant In Greeley Planning On-Site Vaccine Clinic
Wall Street Journal: Supermarkets Are Pressured to Raise Hazard Pay
Los Angeles Times: L.A. County supports grocery ‘hero pay,’ while city report warns of potential layoffs
KATU: Walgreens, Safeway, Albertsons to start offering vaccines

Updated 2/23/2021

Greeley Tribune: Greeley and Weld County groups unite to set up COVID-19 vaccination clinic for Latino community
Capitol Hill Seattle: QFC says will lay off 109 workers in Seattle hazard pay closures including 15th Ave E store
Patch: Coloradan Creates Coronavirus Vaccine Finder Website | Lakewood, CO Patch

Updated 2/22/2021

World Socialist Website: Kroger to close at least two grocery stores in Seattle after hazard pay increase
Associated Press: Kroger is latest victim of third-party software data breach
Greeley Tribune: Encouraging state vaccination numbers shouldn’t slow drive to get to all willing senior citizens — especially in Weld

Updated 2/17/2021

KTVZ: Kroger will close more stores over hazard pay laws for workers
KTVL: Everything you need to know about COVID-19 vaccines at Safeway, Albertsons

Updated 2/16/2021

The Denver Channel: Will the COVID-19 pandemic change our perception on employees staying home when they are sick?
Jacobin Magazine: At Kroger and Amazon, Capital Is Going on the Offensive
ABC News: Union says meatpacking workers should be vaccinated sooner
CBS News: Many grocery workers left out of vaccination effort, despite daily risk they face at job
Fox LA: Kroger plans to offer 15-minute COVID-19 tests to customers nationwide
PR Newswire: Kroger Health Partners with Gauss to Provide Smartphone-Enabled COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Home Tests
LA Eater: World’s Largest Grocery Company Closes Two Long Beach Stores to Avoid Paying Workers More
WAFB: Kroger to sell smartphone COVID antigen test
Reuters: Meatpacker JBS says nearly 700 U.S. pork plant workers get COVID-19 vaccine
New York Times: Pharmacies move to the forefront of the U.S. vaccine campaign.
KVAL: Albertsons and Safeway to get in on the COVID-19 vaccination game

Updated 2/12/2021

KRQE: Woman slapped worker after she was told repeatedly to wear mask, grocery store says
ABC 13: Grocery store workers seek hazard pay during pandemic
Cincinnati Business Journal: ‘We Start Out With a Competitive Advantage’
CBS Denver: COVID In Colorado: King Soopers Receives Additional Vaccine Supply, Expands Program
9 News: Where to find a COVID-19 vaccine in Colorado

Updated 2/11/2021

KDVR: King Soopers to police: Woman who slapped worker was told repeatedly to wear mask
Brownfield AG News: Union Wants Faster Vaccinations, Hazard Pay For Essential Food Workers
CPR News: Kroger Will Give Employees $100 If They Get The COVID Vaccine
Boulder Weekly: After hundreds of meatpacking workers died from COVID-19, Congress wants answers

Updated 2/10/2021

Beef Magazine: Food worker union urges for expedited COVID vaccinations
Grocery Dive: UFCW presses states to speed up vaccine access for grocery workers
Raw Story: Trump administration’s vaccine failure leaves workers unprotected
Law360: Biden’s Immigration Plan Should Do More to Protect Workers
Natural Resources Defense Council: Taking Care of the Food Workers Who Take Care of Us
Sequim Gazette: Safeway stores to distribute limited amount of COVID vaccine doses

Updated 2/9/2021

Westword: King Soopers Vaccination Bonus Update
Forbes: Food Union Brings Fight To Grocers Over Paltry Hazard Pay And ‘Slap In The Face’ Vaccine Incentives
New York Post: Grocery workers say COVID-19 has begun spreading more quickly
Supermarket News: UFCW calls for expedited vaccine access, hazard pay for frontline food workers
ABC News: These are the pharmacies administering COVID-19 vaccines as part of federal plan

Updated 2/8/2021

Denver Post: After hundreds of meatpacking workers died from COVID-19, Congress wants answers
Greeley Tribune: U.S. House panel launches inquiry into COVID outbreaks at JBS, other meatpackers
Greeley Tribune: Colorado taking first step in COVID-19 exit strategy by loosening restrictions on restaurants, gyms and offices
Progressive Grocer: Albertsons Warehouse Workers Vote to Strike
NPR: Kroger Offers $100 Bonus To Employees Who Get Vaccinated
CBS News: Kroger offers $100 to workers who get vaccinated
ABC News: Supermarket giant Kroger to pay $100 to workers who get COVID-19 vaccine
Wall Street Journal: Meatpackers Want Workers to Get Covid-19 Vaccines, but Some Aren’t So Sure
Greeley Tribune Opinion: Hope for a new look at JBS’ COVID-19 response
Food Safety Tech: OSHA, Tyson, Smithfield and JBS Under Investigation for COVID Outbreaks

Updated 2/4/2021

Long Beach Post News: ‘It was a shock’: Grocery workers, communities brace for impacts of Kroger store closures
‘Grocery Dive: CDC turns to supermarkets as it expands vaccination push
Raw Story:Congress wants answers after hundreds of meatpacking workers died from COVID-19

Updated 2/3/2021

Denver Post: As state prepares to vaccinate teachers, older Coloradans and essential workers frustrated by lack of appointments
Supermarket News: Kroger to shut two Long Beach stores due to local hazard pay mandate
CBS Denver: Family Of JBS Worker Happy With Investigation Into COVID Response: ‘It’s About Time’
CBS News: Kroger will shut two California stores to avoid offering workers “hazard pay”
Yakima Herald: Safeway becomes a primary vaccine distributor in Washington

Updated 2/2/2021

The Denver Channel: US House select subcommittee to investigate OSHA enforcement at meatpacking plants, including JBS
Newsweek: Union Blasts Kroger for Closing Stores Instead of Raising Wages Under COVID ‘Hero Pay’ Law
The Los Angeles Times: Ralphs and Food 4 Less set to close in Long Beach. They blame hazard pay ordinance
Grocery Dive: Kroger, Walmart unveil funding recipients for racial equity initiatives
World Socialist Web Site: US workplace safety agency issues toothless COVID “guidance,” while Biden continues Trump’s designation of meatpacking as “critical infrastructure”
Reporter Herald: U.S. House panel launches inquiry into COVID outbreaks at JBS, other meatpackers
CPR News: US House Launches Investigation Into Meatpacking Plants, JBS For ‘Failing To Protect Workers From COVID-19’
The Olympian: Safeway, Albertsons and Haggen to offer more COVID vaccines

Updated 2/1/2021

Mother Jones: After Enduring “Complete Hell” During the Pandemic, Food Workers Struggle to Get Vaccinated
Bloomberg Law: House Panel Investigating Tyson, JBS, Smithfield Covid Outbreaks
CNBC: Congress investigating Covid-19 worker safety at meatpacking firms
Farms.com: Vaccination plan for US meat plants
9 News: Colorado health officials say 16 variant COVID cases found in CO
NBC4 WCMH-TV Educators asked to pause registering for vaccine after issues with Kroger’s website
CBS: Meatpackers showed “callous disregard” for workers’ lives, key congressman claims
Greeley Tribune: U.S. House panel launches inquiry into COVID outbreaks at JBS, other meatpackers
The Globe: JBS labor union calls for legislation to protect local workers
UNC Mirror: Greeley’s JBS Swift meat-packing plant experiences second COVID-19 outbreak

Updated 1/29/2021

Fern’s AG Insider: Food workers face obstacles getting Covid-19 vaccinations
Washington Post: Kroger is latest retailer testing smart shopping carts
Fox59: Kroger, Walmart and Meijer begin administering COVID-19 vaccines to Hoosiers

Updated 1/28/2021

KDVR: King Soopers acknowledges mistake turning vaccine-eligible Coloradans away based on residency
KMUW: COVID-19 Vaccines And The Workplace: Can My Employer Require That I Get The Shot?
MPR News: House DFL bill would offer safety protections for meatpacking workers
KDVR: King Soopers acknowledges mistake turning vaccine-eligible Coloradans away based on residency
CPR News: Yes, You Can Get Vaccinated In Any County In Colorado, Even One You Don’t Live In

Updated 1/27/2021

CBS Local Denver: Union: Safeway Employee Dies From Complications Due To COVID
KUNC Colorado: While Awaiting Vaccination, Grocery Workers Continue Facing Health And Economic Risks
Food Processing: Bribing People Into Saving Themselves
The Denver Channel: Family of JBS employee who died of COVID-19 thanks Denver7 viewers for helping with headstone
KDVR: King Soopers, Safeway will administer vaccine to Coloradans 70 and older
Channel 9 News: Some pharmacies turn away eligible vaccine recipients against Colorado rules

Updated 1/26/2021 

The Denver Channel: Brigadier General says teachers will be first to get vaccine in upcoming essential workers phase
KUNC: Colorado Edition: As Long As You Can Do Your Job
Bloomberg: Union Lauds Biden Action on Slaughter Speeds Industry Calls Safe
Agri-Pulse:Ag hopeful as Biden signs ‘Made in America’ executive order
S&P Global: Consumer companies float incentives over mandates for US worker COVID-19 shots
Fox21News: Safeway joins list of providers with COVID-19 vaccines by appointment in Colorado Springs

Updated 1/25/2021 

The American Independent: Labor unions voice concern over COVID vaccine mandates for workers
Forbes: From The Bronx To Bessemer, Essential Workers Are Fighting Back
Jacobin: With Union Contracts Expiring, 2021 Can Be a Year of Mass Solidarity
Washington Post: Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon and other corporate giants moving to speed up coronavirus vaccine rollout
CNET: Smart grocery carts are coming to change the way we shop
New York Times: Help With Vaccination Push Comes From Unexpected Businesses
Food Dive: JBS USA and Pilgrim’s offering workers $100 bonus to get COVID-19 vaccine

Updated 1/22/2021 

Law360: UFCW Demands Instacart Reverse Course On Layoffs
WLWT5: Kroger launches vaccine program and effort to be key to distribution infrastructure
Washington Post: Biden executive order seeks stronger workplace safety guidance from OSHA
Meat + Poultry: JBS incentivizes workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Updated 1/21/2021 

The Hill: Unions wade into debate over requiring COVID-19 vaccine
CBS News: Meat processors ready for COVID-19 vaccine, but its workers may not be
FOX21 News: Employees at Mission Foods Plant demand action following several COVID-19 outbreaks
Tech Crunch: Instacart is eliminating the jobs of unionized workers
Bloomberg: JBS to Give Bonus to U.S. Workers for Getting Virus Vaccine
Reuters: JBS USA, Pilgrim’s Pride offer $100 to employees who get COVID-19 vaccine

Updated 1/20/2021 

ASPPA: DOL Appoints New Members to the ERISA Advisory Council
Today: Where do undocumented food workers fit in the vaccine rollout plan?
FOX19: Kroger testing new ‘smart cart’ that eliminates checkout

Updated 1/19/2021 

Time: The Challenges Posed By COVID-19 Pushed Many Workers to Strike. Will the Labor Movement See Sustained Interest?
Bloomberg Law: Meatpackers Press for Covid-19 Vaccine to Protect Line Workers
The Pig Site: US safety regulators ignored workers’ COVID-19 complaints amid deadly outbreaks

Updated 1/15/2021 

Pueblo Chieftain: As third COVID-19 outbreak hits Pueblo Mission Foods plant, union, workers call for help
NBC 5 KOAA: Pueblo Mission Foods plant deals with another COVID-19 outbreak

Updated 1/14/2021

9 News: In-N-Out outbreak continues to grow, big box retailers report COVID-19 cases
Bloomberg: New York Joins ESG Battle Against Tyson After Virus Outbreaks

Updated 1/12/2021

Cincinnati Enquierer: Kroger not requiring workers to be vaccinated. Grocery chain serves 11 million customers per day
Wall Street Journal: Albertsons Cart is Full as Covid Windfall Gets Extended

Updated 1/8/2021

Polis invites Coloradans 70+ to sign up for vaccine through healthcare providers

Updated 1/7/2021

CBS News: Albertsons pushed to make its grocery workers “essential.” Now it’s outsourcing their jobs
Supermarket News: Albertsons to shift to third-party online grocery delivery in some markets

Updated 1/6/2021

CPR: Who’s Next? Colorado’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan Creates Confusion For Most, Competition For Some
Fox 31 Denver: Frustration grows over lack of COVID-19 vaccine information in Colorado
Reuters: Special Report-U.S. regulators ignored workers’ COVID-19 safety complaints amid deadly outbreaks

Updated 1/5/2021

KUNC: Sicker-At-Work? Persistent Economic Factors Drive Higher COVID-19 Infection Rate In Weld County’s Latinos
Grand Island Independent: CDHD receives $10,000 gift from JBS for vaccine education campaign
NBC Local 4 Hastings, ND: JBS Swift donates $10,000 to CDHD for new campaign

Updated 1/4/2021

Fox 31: Number of Colorado In-N-Out employees with COVID grows to 122
Denver Post: Colorado moves people 70 and older, teachers, and grocery workers to higher COVID-19 vaccine priority
MarketWatch: Kroger to provide COVID-19 vaccinations
Fort Collins Coloradoan: 2020: Historic year summer up in only 10 Coloradoan photographs
Greeley Tribune: Last year in the Greeley Tribune